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15 Of The Best Men’s Lounge Shorts To Get You Through 2022 (And Every Year After That)

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Regular sweatpants are all well and good for a stroll around the block. But they just can’t compete with men’s shorts on scorching summer afternoons. There’s no reason to sweat up a storm sitting around the house either, which is why you need the best men’s lounge shorts.

Combining the comfort of sweatpants with the airiness of netted summer briefs, lounge shorts are a great way to beat the heat and still look dapper. Bonus points if you’ve been working on your calf game and you want to strut your stuff around the neighborhood.

That’s where we come in. Whether you need something more casual or you’re in the market for luxury loungewear, we’ve picked out some of the best men’s lounge shorts for your wearing pleasure. Keep reading to find a pair that’s tailor-made for you.

Our Top Picks

man on a beach boardwalk wearing a lounge set
anaandzac / Instagram

The best men’s lounge shorts are great for both gardening and running to the store, and Outerknown has some of the best options on the market. The mix of cotton and polyester makes these puppies some of the comfiest shorts you can find. They almost feel like a freshly washed towel wrapped around your thighs.

Although they feel like a towel, they’re safer than a towel. Your wallet will be very secure in the thoughtful zippered back pockets. And your waist won’t feel squished if you gain a few pounds—elastic waistbands save the day again. Multiple color options make it a snap to match them with your favorite casual tees and sneakers. Plus, extra bonus points for being eco-friendly.

Material: 54% Cotton, 46% Recycled Polyester | Colors available: Green, Black, Light Blue, Navy, +  | Sizes available: 30-40 | Inseam: 8.25”

Outerknown High Tide Sweatshorts

Beaches and shorts go hand in hand, and these are some of the best men’s lounge shorts to wear when you’re out catching a tan. They’re a bit on the baggy side, but that’s a good thing. Your thighs can breathe while enjoying the comfort Corduroys bring to the table.

Despite the loose fit, the elastic strings will prevent any annoying sagging situations. And the buttoned back pockets are a nice touch to keep all your stuff from landing in the sand. These cozy yet stylish shorts are subtle enough for a walk down the pier and then dinner on a beachside patio.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Olive, Blue, Brown, Off-White | Sizes available: 28-38  | Inseam: 6.1”-6.9”

Corduroy Shorts

Amazon has been dominating the fashion game for quite some time, so it’s no surprise they’re behind some of the best men’s lounge shorts too. Ideally, using them as sleepwear is Plan A. However, the length makes these shorts a great Plan B for a casual night out. Throw on a bright t-shirt and sandals and hit the boardwalk. 

The drawstring closure looks flattering on just about all body types, and who could say no to the classic all-cotton construction? The search for lounge shorts boils down to the comfiest legwear experience you can find at any price. We’re here to tell you these are already very affordable by anyone’s standards.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Black, Gray, Navy, Blue, + | Sizes available: 28-40 | Inseam: 9”

Amazon Essentials Knit Pajama Shorts

A pair of men’s lounge shorts can make or break a night’s sleep, so what’s better than a breathable layer of cotton to help you drift off? If you’re the kind of guy who stays in jammies all day, this is the set for you. We have to mention the organic cotton formula since it’s the magic behind the signature softness of this Calvin Klein duo.

A lesser pair of pajama bottoms would stretch out in a matter of weeks, but not this elastic waistband. Everything is in place, and it’ll stay that way. Decked out with snappy plaid shorts and a subtly stylish tee to compliment your sleepy attire, looking sloppy won’t be a concern.

Material: 78% Cotton, 20% Organic Cotton, 2% Spandex | Colors available: Multi | Sizes available: 30-40 (Shorts), 38-44 (Shirt)  | Inseam: 7”

Firing up a barbecue in the summer is a sweaty business that requires the best men’s lounge shorts. CDLP has your back… and legs. The lyocell build keeps up on even the hottest of days to keep your lower half swamp free. That textile is known for wicking away moisture, so your legs can count on much-needed fresh air. 

Satin piping adds a classy pop of detail, so you can make a charcoal run without looking disheveled. A breezy short-sleeved button-up is a fail-safe paring. Would you rather skip the BBQ and laze around the house in style? Get comfy with a matching CDLP shirt made of the same material. 

Material: 100% Woven Lyocell | Colors available: Black, Navy | Sizes available: 32-42 | Inseam: 6.3”-7.3”

CDLP Home Shorts

Fact—women understand fashion. It just so happens this largely woman-run brand is responsible for some of the best men’s lounge shorts ever made. Corridor’s shorts are unmistakable. Expect some nods of approval from the neighbors when you check the mail wearing this iconic Wild West design.

Swagger aside, the stretchy waist lives up to the lounge in lounge shorts. While the uber comfort is great for sofa surfing, this pattern is begging for a day out in the sun. Show up the guy next door, and throw on a classic crew neck tee and a pair of summer loafers. Comfortable chic has arrived.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Black & White | Sizes available: 28-38 | Inseam: 6.75”

Corridor Home On The Range Shorts

If you’re a fan of the alternative style, you’re bound to get a kick out of these baggy beauties. Up there as some of the best men’s lounge shorts, these really let your legs air out. Not to mention the 7-inch taper is one of the safest lengths you can find for summer legwear.  

The highlights on the front pockets are an amazing touch, and it doesn’t hurt that you also get a fairly deep back pocket for some extra storage space. The cherry on top is the organic construction, so you get to look like a million bucks without harming the environment. As for styling, whichever color you go for, your best bet is a white tee and mid-rise shoes of any color. 

Material: 100% Cotton Twill | Colors available: Black, Khaki, Midnight | Sizes available: 28-38 | Inseam: 7”

Wax London Halton Cotton Twill Shorts

These men’s lounge shorts are some of the most versatile we’ve come across. Sure, they’re a dream option for a snappy casual outfit. But the surprise factor is they’re also comfy enough for afternoon naps. 

They pair perfectly with a crisp white tee or your favorite patterned polo if you’re feeling bold. As far as shoe game goes, a pair of Sperry’s wouldn’t hurt your ensemble. But the options are endless—go nuts. The one hair in the soup is you’ll want to steer clear of strong detergents in the washer. 

Material: 100% Linen | Colors available: Olive  | Sizes available: 30-40 | Inseam: 10”

Harvey Cotton Shorts

Best of the Rest

The ultimate in men’s lounge shorts, these Tommy John wonders have some unique properties. The longish inseam, sprinkle of spandex, and tri-blend fabric makes them ideal for chillier weather. Add anti-wrinkling Micro Modal fabric to the mix, and you have yourself a very low-maintenance pair of shorts.

With that in mind, pair these with a warm hoodie (no holes, gents) to keep you looking snazzy while you relax. And if you need a pair of shorts to hang with you through a workout, these can handle double duty. Exercise away, courtesy of the drop-crotch gusset.

Material: 66% Acrylic, 29% Micro Modal, 5% Spandex | Colors available: Blue, Black, Charcoal | Sizes available: 28-46 | Inseam: 11.5”

Tommy John Lounge Shorts

If you need shorts equally suited for a jog and a siesta in your hammock, these Nordstrom trunks are the perfect example. Spandex and cotton are an unbeatable combo. If extra stretch makes you nervous for workouts, don’t worry. The zip fly and elastic waist keep everything in place, even if you’re sprinting.

Just to warn you, these shorts may cause you to leave all your other shorts collecting dust in the closet. Again, don’t worry. There are seven different color options, so you basically never have to take them off. Throw them on with your keds, a striped tee, and head to brunch with the boys.

Material: 86% Cotton, 14% Spandex | Colors available: White, Black, Tan, Gray, + | Sizes available: 28-46 | Inseam: 9”

Nordstrom Flex Pro Jersey Tulum Trunks

Let’s get back to basics. These are some of the best men’s lounge shorts for a stroll through the park or a get-together at your friend’s house. The fit is relaxed, but you still have drawstrings in case you want to shoot some hoops without pantsing yourself. You also don’t have to worry about the inseam showing off any balls that don’t go in a hoop.

The minimalist design is ideal for your favorite graphic tees or printed tank tops. And you can never go wrong by throwing on your favorite kicks to complete the summer look. This is also one of the more affordable brands that don’t cheap out on quality, so stockpile as many pairs as you can handle.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Navy, Gray, Black | Sizes available: XS-XL | Inseam: 8”

Russell Athletic Jersey Shorts

The men’s lounge shorts market has no shortage of budget options, and this might be the very best one. What do you think when you hear pajama shorts? Cozy, airy, stretchy? These shorts have all that, and they even kick it up a notch with some swanky color choices.

No more waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat with these cotton gems. And if any midnight snack runs need to happen, they’re nice enough to hit up the 24-hour drug store. Yes, they have pockets. Just make sure that button fly is secure before you head out.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Red, Gray, Navy, Blue, + | Sizes available: 30-42 | Inseam: 7.5”

Hanes Jersey Lounge Shorts

Todd Snyder is an authority on men’s lounge shorts, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pair of trunks for a long day of doing nothing at all. You can’t go wrong with an all-cotton build when it comes to comfort. And the Snyder logo adds a little extra panache on top of the luxurious feel. 

You can wear these to the gym or rock them at a summer beach party. Available in nearly a dozen colors, there’s really no style preference excuse here. Pair them with a floral shirt and sneakers for a hyper-casual yet elevated look that never goes out of style.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Navy, Green, Black, White, + | Sizes available: 26-43 | Inseam: 7”

Yes, Ralph Lauren is the kind of brand you buy to show off on a night out, but they’re not too shabby in the men’s lounge shorts department either. Supreme comfort and trendy style have met, and they’re showing off what they can do in these shorts.

We don’t recommend hitting the town in these, but you’ll be the best-dressed guy out grabbing the paper (do people still get newspapers?). For an extra wow factor, the price won’t make your eyes water. Buy all three colors without a hint of budget guilt.

Material: 100% Cotton | Colors available: Gray, Navy, Blue, Black | Sizes available: 30-38 | Inseam: 9”

Ralph Lauren Knit Sleep Shorts

Sleeping in boxer briefs is a tried-and-true habit, but sometimes your thighs need a little extra warmth. And IZOD made some of the best men’s lounge shorts just for you. They’re not as fitted as the classic boxer brief, but they pack the same comfort punch (and comfort price). 

Get a little preppy with plaid, pick up Hawaiian vibes with floral, or show off your silly side with a cheeky martini print. Whatever your personality, there’s a pattern you’ll love. And they’re all in fleece, so what more could you want? Being allowed to wear them to the office, perhaps…

Material: 100% Polyester | Colors available: Dark Blue, Turquoise, Plaid | Sizes available: 30-40 | Inseam: 9”

IZOD Sleep & Lounge Shorts

What To Look For In Men’s Lounge Shorts

The best men’s lounge shorts tend to hit that sweet spot between comfortable and stylish, so there are a few things to mull over before making your pick. 


You probably won’t be wearing men’s lounge shorts to the club, but that also means you can get away with just about any color. If you’re not particularly into showy clothes, the safest bet is gray or black. If you’re more adventurous, several options in this guide offer lively colors and patterns. 

man looking down leaning against a fence wearing lounge wear
rishi__gaur / Instagram


If you’re wearing men’s lounge shorts and feeling even the faintest bit of discomfort, you’re doing something wrong. A big part of feeling cozy in a pair of these things is the material. The most common (and most comfortable) ones you can find are cotton and wool. 

While cotton tends to have more stretch, a big advantage of wool is that it’s more hygienic. You’re a lot less likely to get a nasty food stain on wool clothes if you react fast enough and wipe it all off. For the best of both worlds, though, you could always go for a wool-cotton hybrid. A little spandex in the mix never hurts either. 


We don’t think the fashion police will kick down your door for it, but if you ask us, the best men’s lounge shorts probably shouldn’t cover your knees. On average, an inseam of 10 to 11 inches should be the absolute maximum, so you don’t go below the kneecap. If you’re extra proud of your leg day gains, you can always go the shorter route and aim for an inseam of 5 or 6 inches.


    • The name of the game with the best men’s lounge shorts is looking casual. Whatever pair you opt for, you’ll want to choose a shirt that says, “I don’t try hard, but I know what I’m doing.” Consider a single-colored tee up top (darker shades look particularly good here), and slap on a simple pair of sandals, espadrilles, or other low-cut shoes you can wear sockless.

      • Men’s lounge shorts are generally made of stretchy materials (usually cotton), giving you unparalleled mobility and comfort. They should live up to the activity they’re named after—lounging.

        • The best men’s lounge shorts are perfect for loafing around the house, taking a trip to the supermarket, or firing up a barbecue with friends in your backyard. Depending on the fit and material, a good pair of lounge shorts can also double as lower-body pajamas when things get too hot under the collar (or, in this case, the waist).

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