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32 Outfits I Want to Try in the New Year

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I’m not really one for resolutions. I think they put too much pressure on a person to be a certain way or do a certain thing in an allotted amount of time. Why put a deadline on your personal development? 

As far as I’m concerned, the only objective we should give ourselves at the start of a new year—let alone a new decade—is to do a bit more of what we love and be kinder to ourselves. And one thing I love, among other things, is style. 

Over 2019, my style has been built on convenience. I’ve relocated from London to Edinburgh, which involved three flat moves in the process, and my wardrobe has reflected that. Aside from the odd dress or skirt-and-jumper combination, I’ve largely lived in jeans. Versatile and reliable, they’ve become my go-to. While they’ll still be an integral part of my wardrobe in 2020, I’ve decided that next year, I’ll become a bit more experimental with my outfits again. 

To equip me with all the inspiration I need, I started archiving some of my favourite outfits I spotted on Instagram. So good were the ensembles I found, I decided to share them with you, too. Below, you’ll find an edit of the 32 outfit ideas I intend on trying for myself in 2020. How many will you try? 

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