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37 Things to Buy Your Friends as Birthday Gifts This Year

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You think you know your friends well until it comes time to buy them a birthday gift. I’ve never quite been able to pinpoint why, but for whatever reason—possibly, the pressure—when you’re forced to think of what someone would like or enjoy on a time crunch, nothing comes to mind! At least, this has been my experience over the last several years, and from what my friends have told me, I’m not alone.

So, since I don’t have any birthday gifts to buy in the coming weeks, I thought there would be no better time than now to round some up great options, while the pressure is off. From affordable trinkets anyone would be happy to receive to bigger, group gift ideas worthy of chipping in for, just keep scrolling to see and shop 37 of the best birthday gifts you can buy the fashionable friend in your life right now.

For the trendy one in the group.
These pearl buttons will catapult you to the favorite friend in an instant.
Help a friend indulge in a little mask session.
The sneakers every fashion girl either has or wants right now.
I might just need to get these for myself.
Pretty but also practical.
A truly timeless accessory.
Definitely coffee table–worthy.
I have this at home, and in addition to smelling lovely, it’s truly a pleasure to look at.
Had to get the pearl barrettes in here.
Of course, you’ll have to buy yourself one, too.
Surprise someone by framing a fun photo from their Instagram.
I’m a sucker for anything that feels remotely personalized.
I used this cardholder for years and have made probably 10 people buy it for themselves, too.
For that group gift you’re all chipping in for.
You simply can’t go wrong with Tibi.
If you have a friend who’s cool enough to pull these off, she deserves them.
Who wouldn’t want this by their bedside?
What better way to welcome spring than with this colorful bag?
Had to throw a spring trend in here.
We all have that friend who’s obsessed with their sign.
Never gets old.
I love this because it can be worn out at night as well as at home to lounge in.
So 9,866 people “loved” this on I guess they must have done something right.
Call it cliché, but people love candles! 
How could anyone not smile upon receiving this?
Anyone could use this easy bag for day or night.
Feeling like we should make friendship hair clips a thing…
+ Football Lace-Up Stretch Leggings ($110). As someone who hates spending money on workout clothes, I can attest to how nice it is when someone else does it for you.
Fact: People love trinkets.
Ideally, you can get both.
We all know someone who would appreciate influencer-approved lip balm.
+ Monogram PJ Shorts ($40). Comfort first!
Pretty and, according to one reviewer, “sooo relaxing.”
Everyone needs a good black one-piece and this is simply perfect.
For the friend who definitely doesn’t need more jewelry, but might need more ways to organize it.
A bright addition to anyone’s weekend wardrobe.

Up next? The coolest shopping finds I’ve seen all month.

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