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5 Winter Work Outfit Ideas That Take Less Than 5 Minutes to Put Together

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Winter work outfits are probably my most hated of outfits. The idea of having to leave my warm and cosy duvet to put on clothes that are never going to be as warm or cosy (yes, I’ve put a coat on, Mum) is not appealing. To remedy this, there’s a simple equation I’ve come up with that essentially saves you time when getting ready so you can spend more time in bed.

Ideally, you want to focus on three main things that make up your office outfit. Sure, you can add in accessories, but if you stick to a few key pieces, you’ll save time. (Although, the bonus tip here is to make sure you’ve got everything prepped the night before.) To give you some ideas on how to put these kinds of outfits together, I looked to some of my favourite influencers and the simple but chic looks they’ve worn during winter that will see you through from the middle of November to the end of February. 

Each look depends on the temperature, so I’ve selected ensembles for a slightly warmer winter weather and then a look for the coldest you-don’t-ever-want-to-leave-the-house kind of weather. That said, there are also ideas for every sort of taste. If you’re into a more classic approach to dressing, I’ve got that, but if you prefer more androgynous styling, that’s in here too. And it goes without saying that all of these of ensembles are work-friendly. Ready to plan ahead for the oncoming season? Keep scrolling. 

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