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8 At-Home Skincare Tools That Help Me Achieve that Post-Facial Glow

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After a deep cleaning with my Glo Skin Cream Cleanser, I use the red light to boost collagen production and reduce the wrinkles on my forehead and mouth. The blue light is great at removing excess oil, acne, and blackheads, and the green light is neutralizing and calming, soothing skin inflammation and renewing the skin following sun exposure.

Starting out with the lowest intensity of the LED tool, apply a clarifying serum for the cleansing function. For the anti-aging function, a water-based product is best. Use the tool for about five minutes two to three times a week. Just be sure to avoid sun exposure afterward, as the skin remains sensitive for an hour or so. Use this before you slather on a hydrating oil. Then, hit the pillow to let all the goodness get to work.

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