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8 Practical Items I’ve Been Wearing for the Past 5 Months

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Since the pandemic began we’ve seen our lives change in so many ways. This goes without saying. One of the more minor but still noteworthy ways in which it’s changed is what we wear on a day-to-day basis. Even though I’ve worked from home for several years now, I’ve seen a shift in my wardrobe over the past few months. Specifically, it’s become less trend-driven and more streamlined and comfort-focused (for the time being, at least). My basics are in constant rotation, and when I do shop these days, more often than not its for something I could feasibly wear out in the world and at home.

Sometimes I miss carrying handbags to places besides quick runs to the supermarket, or putting on a new pair of heels, or even wearing 100% cotton jeans, but practicality is paramount as of late, and eight wardrobe staples, in particular, have become my most worn items of 2020. Scroll to shop them for yourself in case you too are streamlining your wardrobe this year.

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