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Britain’s Big Trends: The Cult Items in Leeds, Manchester, London and More

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To do this job you have to be a bit more than obsessed when it comes to trends. Not in trying to wear them all ASAP and in one mad look, but having an insatiable interest in finding out what they are, where they are, who is buying them and what those combined factors might indicate. I’m no theorist, but I certainly enjoy analysing current retail phenomena, however, being in London all the time can make you feel like you’re in a bubble.

There are so many stylish cities across the country, and we’re always intrigued to know what’s fashionable elsewhere as well as in the capital where our office is located. Only recently did the WWW team visit Manchester to find that even the quickest walk around the Northern Quarter provided some of the coolest street style looks we’ve seen in a while. I instantly noticed a burgeoning microtrend for neon sporty roll-necks worn with cargo pants or jeans and heels. That look has now shifted to the south (not to mention all over Instagram), and I’m starting to spot the combination in London too.

In order to gather data and start drafting a picture of what’s cool up and down the country, I talked to my clever friends at fashion search engine Lyst. They were able to analyse the past fortnight of search data via their platform to give me the inside track on the items, brands and categories that are most popular across eight key locations (sorry in advance to those who are left out). From Birmingham to Brighton, Liverpool to Leeds, here’s what’s hot in Britain right now.

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