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As a man shopping for a pair of sunglasses, you’ve likely faced the same conundrum. On one end, you’ll spot cheaper, lower-end styles, perhaps from a High Street brand or even a midrange retailer, made out of plastic. From your experience, the product looks decent, but it’ll likely crack quickly, forcing you to seek out another pair after a couple of months. On the other hand, higher-end sunglasses retailers charge above £100 for a product that looks similar, but it’s usually too much up front. Plus, you know at least one guy who spent that much or double, only to lose the pair on holiday or see the supposedly sturdy acetate frame shatter. Matthew Watson, the founder of Bullion Eyewear, was in a similar position back in the summer of 2018. About to go on holiday, he wanted to update his wardrobe, including finding a new pair of sunglasses. Very little existed between these extremes, and the handful of midrange brands seemed to tack on a higher cost while using a construction that didn’t differ greatly from fast-fashion offerings.

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