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Blue. Spikey. Fast. What more could a boy want from a childhood hero? I’m talking, of course, about Sonic the Hedgehog – the computer game character that transcended the consoles and came to adorn bedroom walls, caps, jackets, rucksacks and t-shirts. (I personally had the PJs!) For any boy growing up in the 1990s, some sort of Sonic merchandise was absolutely de rigueur. Indeed, animated characters of every kind were in vogue. Remember Fido Dido the 7UP mascot? He lounged his way onto many a t-shirt and low-cut vest. And then there was Dennis the Menace and Gnasher; you could even find them on underpants. And what about Batman? The Pink Panther? And Ninja Turtles? …I could go on, but you get the idea – cartoons on clothes were dead cool in the 1990s. Importantly, though, they were cool FOR KIDS. (And perhaps the odd raver.) Now, they’re “in” for adults too. And I have to say, I find this development a little weird.

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