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Celebs Make These Skinny-Jean “Mistakes”—and Don’t Care

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Let’s just get this out of the way. We’re all about you doing you, so if there’s a look you’re feeling, own it despite the “rules” out there. Celebrities, in general, are all about just going for it—especially when it comes to embracing the skinny-jean styling “mistakes” floating in the universe.

Case in point? Victoria Beckham’s latest ensemble with her so-wrong-it’s-right look featuring long jeans and pumps. She’s not the only A-lister following this trend, though—a slew of other celebs are wearing their skinnies in unconventional ways. Keep scrolling to check out the “don’ts” celebrities (and our team) are ignoring. Plus, shop for new skinny jeans if you’re feeling inspired to push the denim boundaries as well.

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