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Dollar Shave Club Launch Grooming Starter Sets

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Anyone that’s into podcasts would have heard the name Dollar Shave Club. They’re front and centre at the beginning of nearly all the shows I listen to; Bill Burr, Adam Carolla etc. Maybe one day they’d like to jump onboard the MenswearStyle podcast (hint hint?). What you may not know is that there is more to Dollar Shave Club than just shaving products. They have now expanded their range into oral care, skin, hair and shower products. This week I was given the opportunity to road test their Wanderer Shower Gel and Body Cleanser with ‘awakening mint’ and the Wanderer Hydrating Daily Face Cleanser. You can also buy body bars (is that what we’re calling soap these days?), hair and scalp shampoos and another shower gel infused with amber and lavender.

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