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Drawstring Trousers

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We can safely say this: We told you so. We recommended, whilst in lockdown, avoiding athleisure and getting dressed for working at home. Sometimes, though, comfort takes precedence over everything else. The man who without fail would’ve suited up in chinos, a shirt, and a blazer for the office has now spent the past four months in sweats and T-shirts, donning something with buttons on top for a Zoom call and promptly taking it off afterwards. Yet, many people have started returning to work. Perhaps your employer requires you to. Or you’ve been given the option to come back – although not required for now – and fully embraced that – mask, sanitiser, and all rules with it. As a third and likely scenario, someone in your company sent out a memo recommending that employees look more presentable for their clients over Zoom. And it dawns on you: Maybe you think HR hasn’t seen your sweats, basketball shorts, or track bottoms, but it sure seems like it.

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