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Every Single One of My Friends Is Obsessed With These Dresses

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“We don’t design for one specific type of woman. No matter your age, shape or size, we want our pieces to feel flattering,” McCloskey tells me. “No matter how nice a print or design is, the cut has to be perfect to allow for comfortable and confident wear. In terms of cut, most of our dress styles are bias-cut, which is really flattering, as it moulds to the wearer’s body. Creating bias-cut pieces is more expensive, but we’d rather sacrifice the expense to ensure our customers feel great and are getting true value. We tweak every single piece in our collections—even our classic shapes—to continuously improve them and ensure all the details are absolutely perfected.”

The prints and silhouettes will be reinvented each season, but there are always consistent themes and familiar styles in every collection. “Our Rose dress is a shape we launched in our first collection and a silhouette that is so well-loved by our customers that we have reinvented it in new prints in collections following.”

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