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So… you are thinking about taking up the sensational sport of golf. You cherish the thought of taking in that fresh, open-air, and the feeling of total freedom in the wide-open space whilst being completely surrounded by the tranquillity of the beautiful countryside. You long for a sport, a hobby where you can relieve that built-up tension from a long, hard-worked week. There’s no better feeling than the escape to the driving range, the land of golfers’ paradise. This sport will enable you to release pressure, and maybe even become the next top golfing pro. Whether you are longing for a place to escape the hectic reality of life, looking to take up a sport to aid in maintaining your health, or wish to learn and acquire a new skill, golf can be the sport that you have been anxiously searching for. The majority of the population adore this popular sport, they choose to spend most of their precious free time perfecting their swing and achieving the ultimate shot of conquering that hole in one.

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