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History of the Nike Air Force 1

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You could easily write a book about all the reasons why Nike’s Air Force 1 sneaker is one of, if not the most iconic shoe of all time. When it released in the ’80s, it spawned a technological revolution in basketball sneakers. Its rise to prominence in the ’90s resulted in a cultural revolution and its strong presence in the 00s changed fashion in a number of ways. Today, the Air Force 1 can be found in over 2,000 iterations and maintains its position as one of the bestselling athletic shoes to ever exist. Nike has collaborated with countless public figures, artists, designers, and brands to create different versions of the sneaker, redefining how immensely versatile such a simple design can be. To understand what makes the Air Force 1 so special, we need to go back to its creation and look at how it rose to prominence among the many people, groups, and organisations responsible for its success.

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