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How to Take Insta-Worthy Pictures of Your Shoes: A Visual Guide

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As someone who has recently found herself in the business of Instagramming various aspects of her wardrobe, I can tell you from experience that while it’s a tedious task in general, shoe pics are especially hard. On the flip side, however, when done right, they can be the most “liked,” commented, shared, and overall popular photos on your feed. After all, who doesn’t love shoes?

Take it from Who What Wear’s very own social media editor, Mimi Postigo: “Shoes are one of our top engaged content categories on WWW’s Instagram. Our audience loves a good detail shot, and shoes are 100% their favourite accessory, so we’re always looking for quality shoe photos to regram.”

So how does one get a regram-worthy photo of their shoes—one that does the accessory (and the wearer) justice? I can help. Today I’ve rounded up 15 the best shoe-grams I’ve come across recently, all of which are equally intriguing but also unique in their own right. Simply screenshot or save the ones you like, and next time you’re in a creative bind, use them as a reference to re-create.

Keep scrolling to get started, and shop the shoes you see along the way.

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