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I Always Skipped This Product Until This New One Gave Me My Glowiest Skin Ever

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As it’s part of the same range as every makeup artist’s favourite bridal foundation—the Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation—it makes sense that the new primer would be the perfect first step for days that you’re going to be using the cult base product. Admittedly, applying a primer before your foundation and concealer isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it makes sense that it’s a sensible place to start when you’re trying to create a dewy base.

After I’ve finished my skincare routine, I’ve been taking a generous amount of the Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer—the brand recommend a walnut-sized amount—and blending it over my skin using my fingertips. Personally, I focus on the area around my nose and the tops of my cheekbones to blur out the enlarged pores there before working my way outwards. 

By applying it this way, I find that I end up using less foundation and concealer as my complexion already looks pretty damn good. The Luminous Silk Foundation can then just be applied to any areas that need more evening out or colour-correcting, rather than being slathered on over your entire face.

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