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I Feel Like My Most Mature Self When I Wear These 5 Things

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I think a part of growing up is not really being sure if and when you ever actually did. I mean honestly, despite having been an active part of the workforce for over five years, approaching my second wedding anniversary, possessing the capabilities to live self-sufficiently, regularly doling out advice (both solicited and unsolicited), and even knowing how to cook one or two (maybe three) things, sometimes I find myself forgetting that I’m legitimately an adult. Except, of course, when I dress like one.

You know what I mean. Since my day-to-day style is pretty relaxed—comprised largely of jeans, T-shirts, and comfortable footwear—when I do throw in certain polished pieces here and there, I find myself looking in the mirror and semi-seriously thinking Well, aren’t you sophisticated! Curious just what those polished pieces are and perhaps longing to feel the same? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered. Just keep scrolling to see and shop the five pieces that make me feel the most mature.

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