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I Just Popped Into Zara and Came Away With These 5 Items

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It’s really rare that I walk into an actual shop but something took over me this morning and I found myself aimlessly wandering into Zara—at almost 36 weeks pregnant. Just who the heck do I think I am right now? Some sort of fashion superhero? It’s difficult enough getting dressed and putting my shoes on by myself right now, let alone perusing the rails of a shop that is always heaving and forever full of things I can’t fit into, even when I’m not in my third trimester! 

But there I was picking up lots of lovely new-in autumn outfits, selecting a size or two up and discovering in the changing room that right now Zara actually has some real gems for girls who like their clothes stretchy and their high street pieces to be classic enough to last each and every autumn. I tried on as much as the shop assistants would allow (and as much as I had the energy to actually plough through) and found that a couple of key items were worth snapping up. I had originally been looking for the black knitted midi dress my colleague Emma Spedding recently unearthed from the Spanish behemoth, but it looks like I’ll have to hit the online rails to secure that beauty as it wasn’t to be found. Keep scrolling to see what I liked in Zara this morning…

PS. please excuse my puffy feet and ankles—nothing I can do about that! 

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