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I Know Dresses, and These 13 Classics Are Actually Worth the Money

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a “dress person.” Sure, I dabble in separates and would love to finally overcome my aversion to a jeans-and-nice-top look, but when I’m feeling most like myself I will probably be found wearing a dress. But not just any old dress, mind. I’m very picky about my choices; whether high-street, secondhand, vintage, made-to-order or off-the-rack designer, a lot of thought goes into each and every purchase. That’s why, should you ever be on the lookout for a top-notch frock, it’s always worth coming back for my monthly column, where I edit the best new-in dresses for your ease.

So, I’m fussy about the fit, fabric and quality of dresses. I’m also strict about their rewear potential—any new contenders for my wardrobe cannot just work for one occasion and be rendered useless after that. I’m pretty militant about not buying into fleeting trends because I like my purchases, big or small, to be worthwhile. That doesn’t mean all of my dresses are boring and classics but just that I try to look out for details—prints, colours, cuts—that tend to come into fashion time and again. So even if there’s one style that has a little hiatus, I know it’ll get its chance to shine once more. 

In essence, tracking down the best investment dresses is a skillset I’ve developed over time and I’d like to share my findings with you. Below is my edit of the summer-friendly investment dresses that are worth your time, money and closet space. 

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