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I Saw a Doctor About My Summer Chest Breakouts—This Is What She Had to Say

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I have never suffered from acne. My skin is oily and prone to the occasional whopper of a spot, but I’ve never really experienced full-blown acne. Really, if we’re going to get pernickety, we’ve all experienced acne in some form, as all spots are just acne in varying degrees. But if we’re talking about acne in the cystic form that we all envisage it as when we hear the word uttered, then no, I’ve never had acne.

Something that I have experienced though, is really severe breakouts on my chest. However, these breakouts aren’t made up on just any normal spots, and I think a whole bunch of you will know what I mean. You see, when I took to my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago asking for help about the red bumps and congestion that plagued my chest, I was swamped with replies from friends that have been experiencing the exact same thing.

Unlike the spots I’m used to getting on my face, the ones that crop up all over my chest in the summer aren’t squeezable. They’re like plugs of congestion that fill my pores and just sit there, getting redder and more irritated with every bit of friction that comes their way until, eventually, they disappear. So having received the confirmation that I am most definitely not alone in my chest spot woes, I booked in a virtual appointment with Lauren Hamilton, aesthetic doctor and founder of Victor & Garth, and this is what she had to say.

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