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I’m a Beauty Editor and I Love Boots—This Is What I Always Buy There

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However, at nearly 30 years old, I’m beginning to appreciate the value in a high-street store that you can rely on. Yes, the strip lighting might be exceedingly bright; yes, the visual merchandising might leave a lot to be desired; and yes, £3 might seem suspiciously cheap for a sandwich, snack and a drink. But do you know what while Sephora has come and gone in the UK, Boots has always been there—and, when it comes to beauty, it has plenty of hidden gems on its shelves.

From a £14 mascara that’s sold every nine seconds to a Scandi skincare brand with a 13,500 person waiting list, Boots has its fair share of sellout beauty products and cult brands.

Keep scrolling to shop the best Boots beauty products—from its own best-sellers to my personal favourites.

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