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I’m Obsessed With Multiple Ear Piercings—These Are My Fave Combinations

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Before we get onto the image inspiration, I spoke to a piercing expert at the London-based Sacred Gold salon, about how best to layer your ear jewellery. Nicole told me that it all depends on the shape of your ear (something I’ll admit, I’ve never taken into account) and how you like to combine your pieces. “It’s all about balance and speaking to your piercer is the best option as normally I can see ‘natural’ placings for piercings after chatting with them for a little while.” Nicole loves stacking collections of mini shapes like tiny moons and stars with modern sleek shapes or choosing a single standout piece with pops of colour along with simple hoop stacks. 

And make sure you look after your piercings too, keep them clean using sterile saline solution and make sure you don’t agitate them during the healing process by keeping your hands well and truly away from your new piercing. 

Right, now it’s onto the earring inspiration—keep scrolling to see some of my favourite combinations and shop some jewellery. 


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