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In the Past 24 Hours This Cute Dress Trend Has Taken Over London

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London Fashion Week’s street style aesthetic is often quite hard to describe thanks to how liberal and varied and wild it can be: Some girls are ultra-casual while others are prim. Some are high-fashion and wearing the latest It items, which is in direct contrast to the set who love to wear vintage and be more retro. It’s a beautiful landscape out there and every so often the tribes merge to agree on a single item or trend, and right now it’s a dress that appears to appeal to every kind of woman. 

Over the past few days one thing has become very clear in London: Our city’s finest fashion lovers have fallen head-over-probably-flats for any dress style with a puffed sleeve. The more statement the better. The more frou-frou and girlish the better. Some of the dress’s super-fans are choosing to channel the whimsical, ultra-pretty nature of this silhouette with cute headbands and sweet shoes, but there’s another (perhaps more archetypal) contingent who are choosing to wear them with stompy ankle boots and all grunged up. Either way the verdict is very clear and we’ve spotted styles from designer echelons (Rejina Pyo and Cecilie Bahnsen are faves) as well as the high street (& Other Stories does a mean puff-sleeve dress, you know). Only recently did this trend also spike during Copenhagen Fashion Week, where reported a 1600% surge in searches.

Keep scrolling to see who and how this trending dress is being worn, then shop the best avaialble right now.

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