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Jennifer Lopez’s Gym Sneakers Have the Best Nordstrom Reviews

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Wanna be as ripped as Jennifer Lopez? Sadly, you can’t escape regular workouts. (But if you find another way, hit us up.) Considering J.Lo is a bona fide fitness pro—which helps her look truly ageless—we definitely trust her when it comes to the best workout footwear. Lopez is consistently photographed en route to the gym in the same pair of shoes that she owns in multiple colors: Nike Air Presto Sneakers ($120), so you can bet our ears perked up.

Not only are they J.Lo-approved for the gym, but the reviews on Nordstrom’s website are glowing. Many shoppers note that they’re lightweight, comfortable, sleek, and durable. “These are the most comfortable Nikes that I own, and it’s a plus that they are very stylish,” one reviewer noted. Convinced yet? Scroll down to see how Jennifer Lopez styles the white and black versions with different gym outfits and to shop the shoes for yourself.

On Jennifer Lopez: Nike Air Presto Sneakers in White ($120)
On Jennifer Lopez: Nike Air Presto Sneakers in Black ($120)
On Jennifer Lopez: Nike Air Presto Sneakers in White ($120)
On Jennifer Lopez: Nike Air Presto Sneakers ($120)
On Jennifer Lopez: Nike Air Presto Sneakers ($120)

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