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Poolside Style Essentials

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For effortless poolside dressing we take our cues from the Master of swimming-pool style, Slim Aarons. The iconic photographer became prolific in mid-century Hollywood for documenting the leisurely lives of socialites, celebrities and jetsetters; often against a backdrop of white-washed, mid-century architecture, dramatic landscapes and, most notably, his brilliant blue pools. The images, now emblematic of the era, became iconic due to his ability to capture his immaculately dressed, tanned flesh figures, seemingly so casually in the hyper-stylised settings. In doing so, Aarons transformed ‘The Pool’ from leisurely exercise locale, to cultural institution for the fashionable elite. And thus, the cult of poolside dressing was born. From swimwear to deckchair, to non-greasy sun creams, these eight poolside style essentials will have you serving Slim Aarons poolside elegance all day long.

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