Tech duo back blockchain’s potential in fashion

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LONDON – Blockchain technology provider Everledger has partnered with tech firm and IoT (Internet of Things) specialist Temera to provide greater product transparency within the fashion industry.

Using NFC chips by Temera and Everledger’s decentralised, immutable platform, the pair have thus far worked with Alexander McQueen (MCQ) to disclose the lifecycles of individual garments via digital twins – which can be made accessible via clothes labels.

“This strategic partnership encapsulates the key values for each organisation, around pioneerism, transparency and openness, and decentralisation,” said Everledger’s fashion industry project lead, Calogero Scibetta. “We were honoured to be approached by MCQ and support them in their vision to take the fashion industry to the next stage, integrating cutting-edge technology to centuries-old craft.”

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