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The 19 Items That Got Me the Most Compliments in 2019

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After a long year of shopping, wearing things, and trying to convince you to trust me and buy things, 2019 is over and we’re straight into 2020—giving me an opportunity to reflect of the past year of wardrobe hits and misses. While I can honestly say I loved all the items I wore (and endorsed) over the course of the last 12 months, naturally, some had more of an impact than others—and, with that, garnered more compliments.

Okay, just what were they? With everything from shoes and bags to clothes and jewellery making the cut, I guess you could say it’s quite the range, and not just in terms of what type of items they are. From my favourite £43 sneakers to the investment coat I’m planning to wear for many winters to come, the price points are also a true high-low mix—right in line with my style.

So if you’re ready to see and shop my favourite fashion finds of last year, just keep reading.

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