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The Only Pretty Lingerie Trend I’ll Be Buying This Year

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Many a fashion or beauty journalist has talked of “little luxuries” in the past but said treats have, perhaps, never been quite as vital to us as they have over the past year. It’s often the small things that matter these days, and when it comes to lifting our moods when getting ready each morning, there are a few particular items that help: A new perfume can be ritualistic and special, a secondhand item that hits a new trend might prove to be the exciting wardrobe trophy you’ve been looking for, and putting on underwear that fits perfectly and feels lovely can be the ultimate confidence booster. It may only be visible to you, but being considered in regards to what you’re wearing under whichever outfit has become your current uniform does provide a certain amount of self-congratulatory back-patting. It may seem pointless to buy a fancy new dress or pair of heels right now, but decent lingerie? Well, that’s never out of fashion. And this may be a sweeping statement, but I’m convinced that no one has ever felt their best when they’re wearing old, holey, and worn-out undies.

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