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These Are the 25 Prettiest Beauty Products for a Seriously Chic Dressing Table

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I’m not sure about you, but I get a huge amount of joy from using certain beauty products. Whether it be a super nourishing, luxurious body cream or a red lipstick that perfectly cushions the lips, some products just have that special touch. It makes sense, therefore, that in times like these, I’m turning to such products more so than ever in a bid to lift my spirits.

Similarly, with spending more time at home than I’m used to, I have also been finding ways to inject some joy into my surroundings. After several homeware orders, I’m actually starting to run out of space. So last week, as I perused my beauty shelves, I had a eureka moment. Instead of keeping all of my most beautiful, mood-lifting beauty products behind closed doors to experience one once or twice a week, why not keep them out on display for all of the world to see (well, just me for now)?

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