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This £29 Beauty Tool Completely Changed My Skincare Routine for the Better

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As I mentioned earlier, I feel like I’ve already seen some really good results since incorporating the electric face cleanser into my skincare routine—from smoother, brighter skin to a reduction in blackheads and the severity of my breakouts. “A cleansing tool will help improve tone and texture of the skin, refining pores, removing congestion and breakouts and keeping skin clearer,” explained Joss.

While the mini cleansing tool I’ve been using is great for purifying, some of the more expensive options provide more varied results—mimicking the kind of experience that you might expect from a professional facialist.

“The Luna 2 device has an anti-ageing massage mode,” said Joss. “I always encourage my clients to massage morning and night—when you spend time massaging the facial muscles, you’ll immediately start working on the lymphatic system, which keeps the body clear of toxins and fluids. Massage will improve contours by allowing muscles to sit where they should be, removing tension and stress and taking away any heaviness in the muscle.

“Also, it improves the muscle health and vitality, pushing essential blood with nutrients and oxygen into the skin and muscle tissue to feed and nourish and improve cell renewal. The face will feel lighter and softer, muscles will be stronger, and contours improved, adding a lifted appearance to the face.”

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