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This Australian Brand Has Gained A Very Fashionable Following

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I love Australian brands. As an Aussie Fashion Editor, that much basically comes with the territory. Though, if you’re after my professional opinion, resort wear and summer staples are where our designers really shine. As a country with a warm climate, Australians spend much of their time in summer attire, so by default we know what we’re talking about when it comes to summer fashion. 

I’m always particularly proud when I see our brands garner worldwide attention, and whether it be an influencer in France or Denmark, it’s always great to see an Aussie brand gaining a fashionable following internationally. Lately, I’ve noticed influencers dotted across the globe, sporting Sydney-based label Posse. The brand specialises in summer-ready staples crafted with timelessness in mind using quality fabrics. Offering a pared-back approach to resort wear, Posse creates streamlined separates in linen and cotton, alongside minimalist maxi dresses and oversize button-downs. Their aesthetic often epitomises summer, with so many of their pieces looking like they were just made for a beachside vacation. There’s definitely a reason why this brand has caught the eye of Lucy Williams, Monikh and more. 

Keep scrolling to see how influencers are wearing Posse and shop the brand below.

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