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This Chic New High-Street Beauty Collection Is Set to Be a French-Girl Fave

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There are very few high-street shops that manage to embody French-girl style as perfectly and effortlessly as Sézane. Over the years, the brand’s pretty pastel knits, laid-back crochet and iconic boxy shirts have come to epitomise French-girl style, and frankly, I couldn’t be more on-board with the whole aesthetic. It’s laid-back, easy and takes chic to a whole new level. However, with that being said, I was always aware that the brand was missing a pretty major trick. 

While I admit that French-girl style really is an art form, if you ask me, it’s the French girl’s approach to beauty that inspires me the most every day. For a brand like Sézane, which embodies all of the chicest, most stylish things about the French way of life, to not have a beauty offering always upset me a little. For too long I have been itching to discover the secret behind the effortless French-girl glow, and I have always had an inkling that Sézane could be the brand to hold the answers.

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