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This Iconic ’00s Accessory Is One of the Most Searched For Bags Today

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Nylon is practically synonymous with Prada. Back in the ’80s unlike any other of the power fashion houses, which predominantly worked with leather, the brand managed to turn this material into a must-have accessory. Miuccia Prada launched the nylon backpack in 1984, and while this particular style remains a hit there are two ’90s and ’00s bags that continue to be incredibly popular among the fashion crowd: the Nylon and Saffiano bags. 

True, the early noughties were a very different time. Paris Hilton was one of the world’s most talked-about celebrities, Destiny’s Child was the band everyone had on their portable CD players and Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. And although there are plenty of trends we’ll happily leave in that decade (hipster jeans, we mean you), the aforementioned Prada bags are still pieces we’ll wear today. 

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