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This Product Is the Recipe for Glowing Skin, and You’ll Find It in Your Fridge

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I’m quite happy to apply products with ingredients that I can’t pronounce or don’t understand to my face, but I always drew the line at ingesting them. I’d roll my eyes at the aisles of supplements in the organic supermarket and ignore my friends’ suggestions about their latest inner-beauty buys. 

Then, I started working with a nutritional therapist, and, well, I am quite literally eating my words and a whole bunch of supplements. As I’ve been seeing the results in all areas of my life, especially hormone health, I thought I’d make my way into the world of inner/outer-beauty supplements to see what lies there. 

The Beauty Chef team members are the experts in this field and believe that “beauty begins in the belly.” The Australian brand was founded by Carla Oates when she and her daughter started to experience eczema and skin allergies and she got them started on a gut-health protocol. When she noticed how much of a difference this had, she created the brand. 

Gut health is a big one when it comes to skin. The gut microbiome, in particular, with its diligent little organisms, can have an impact on many areas and processes in the body, including the skin.

The Beauty Chef is all about this with its balancing range of biofermented products that honour the importance of the gut-skin connection.

The brand has just launched its new Adaptogen Inner Beauty Boost (£16), so I thought I’d see what it’s all about.

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