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Trust Me, This Sienna Miller Outfit Will Be Everywhere in 2020

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As a fashion editor, I am now thinking in full 2020 mode, as this month I have been previewing the collections that will be in store in February and hearing from buyers the trends they have chosen to invest in. The trouser suit is something that keeps coming up again and again, as it is essentially a ready-made outfit that requires no thought but makes you look the opposite of a lazy dresser. The trouser suit is set to become even more popular in 2020—Net-a-Porter, for example, has over 200 types of suits launching for spring 2020. This is news that is likely to be welcomed by Sienna Miller as she is a celebrity who has embraced the power of good tailoring.

Today for press interviews in New York, Sienna wore a brown pinstripe trouser suit with a white T-shirt, and I realised that she has been sticking to similar neutral and relaxed suiting over the past six months. She wore a Ralph Lauren oatmeal-coloured double-breasted trouser suit to Wimbledon this year and has since worn another stone-coloured trouser suit with a jacket with exaggerated sloped shoulders, giving it a real vintage feel. This is an outfit she has worn in July in London and November in New York, showing as long as you are careful with the weight of the fabric, a trouser suit is something you can wear throughout the seasons. Keep scrolling to see her latest look—and shop my edit of the best trouser suits around. 

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