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Trust Tanya—the Autumn Staples She Wants to Buy This Month

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Tanya Burr started her career with a focus on beauty, but now she’s just as likely to make me want to buy a Ganni jumper or a floral mini dress as a new foundation, as her Instagram has become a source of easy-to-copy, casual outfit ideas. Tanya tends to lean on simple basics, rotating between cosy jumpers, ankle boots and jeans, and so she knows how to create the perfect autumn capsule better than anyone.

As part of our regular Wishlisting series here at Who What Wear we ask influencers what they want to buy each month, and this time I’ve asked Tanya what she’s been wearing recently, and what she wants to buy for autumn. In New York, she wore white denim shorts and white Zara trousers with khaki and logo T-shirts, but in London she’s been living in vibrant knitwear and brown corduroy with lots of gold jewellery.

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