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Yes, You Can Wear Bra Tops as a Chic Adult—Here’s How

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While we’re of the opinion that you should wear whatever you please, we can also admit some coaxing is required for certain trends or looks. Confidence isn’t always infinite (as much as we’d like it to be), and there’s one item that most of us could use some how-to-wear guidance on: the bra top.

Although they’ve been on the trend agenda for some time and don’t seem to be going anywhere this summer, many understandably have reservations about wearing something akin to their smalls in public—not just on the beach but in the city, too. 

We’re here, however, to quash those fears before you have time to talk yourself out of bra tops for good. Instead, we’ll show you how to wear them in the most grown-up of ways, with a little help from some trailblazing influencers. Keep scrolling to see six bra top outfits so good, you’ll be tempted to never wear a full-length tucked-in top again. 

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