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10 Foolproof Ways to Get a Picture-Perfect Selfie

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No, we’re not making it up—you really do have a “good side” to your face. Just look at Tom Ford, who always poses in the same position to ensure he gets the most out of a shot. (Don’t believe us? Google it.) There are ways to find yours: One street style photographer revealed exactly how to do that: “It really comes down to knowing the angles of your own face and positioning the camera to accentuate those features,” they shared.

For example, if you’ve got a big chin, you don’t want to shoot from the side or below, Stedman says—you want to be going from above. However, maybe you’ve got a great pout, so if you shoot from a lower angle, it’ll make your lips stand out more. And for that all-important way to make your face look slimmer? Our expert advises shooting from the side. Finally, if you have a big forehead, “avoid shooting from too high; shoot from an angle and a little above the eyeline and you can elongate your face.” If you’re still struggling, there’s also the SymSide app.

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