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Chanel is Expanding Its Boy de Chanel Collection Next Month

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Photograph courtesy of Chanel

The brand continues to blaze a new trail in beauty.

Men wearing makeup shouldn’t be considered a novelty, yet makeup collections designed with dudes top of mind still feel like a new concept in the beauty world, especially because cosmetics to this day are still typically geared toward women. In 2018, Chanel busted up that industry status quo by launching a collection called Boy de Chanel that included a foundation, a lip balm and an eyebrow pencil.

Earmarked for style-savvy fellas, the line was a forward-thinking move by the French luxury house to help ditch preconceived notions about who should and should not get to dabble in complexion enhancing. “Men should be free to use makeup products to correct or improve their appearance,” says Armelle Souraud, the brand’s international scientific communications director, who helped lead the product development. “With this new range, Chanel wishes to accompany men in their beauty approach and give them the tools they need to feel self-assured.” This makes total sense considering that men also experience undereye circles, skin blemishes, pigmentation issues and patchy brows.

Joining the Boy de Chanel collection this October are the hyaluronic acid- and green coffee extract-spiked Fortifying Gel Moisturizer ($110), which does triple duty as a strengthening face moisturizer, soothing aftershave and foundation primer; a non-oily concealer stick ($60) in eight shades; the 3-in-1 Eye Pencil ($53), which can be used as an eyeliner or blended out for eyeshadow (try it in black, brown or navy); and Chanel’s signature Le Vernis Nail Colour in natural and matte black shades ($46 each).

boy de chanel
Photograph courtesy of Chanel

Bonus: The sleek packaging will look super-dapper in a #shelfie.

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