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Snide London is aimed at customers who care about how they look, enjoy spending money on superior brands, and yet are keen to let the world know they don’t take themselves too seriously. They are sophisticated but have a sense of humour and a sense of irony. The brand is a parody of fake items from the Far East. Snide is the slang for a fake in London and they are also sometimes called Jekyls (Jekyls and Hydes = Snides). Their tag line is ‘Never Knowingly Right’ and the designs all feature a small, and often very subtle mistake. These mistakes, although often not nearly as subtle, often appear in fake goods as their manufacturers are not au fait with the English language or Western culture. Their shirts and polo shirts feature a small logo that, at first glance, resembles Ralph Lauren’s Polo design, but on closer inspection it’s actually an old-fashioned golfer, hitting a rugby ball, with a hockey stick.

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