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How to Be 100% on Trend This Spring for Under $150

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And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Your ultimate cheat sheet to the most on-trend (and affordable) spring shopping. Since the season’s heavy-hitting trends are mainly born on the runway, that’s where we’re heading first as we begin to build this robust list of must-have spring items. At times, runway looks can seem overwhelming and unapproachable, but when looked at the right way, they can be the key to obtaining the trendy wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

So here’s our game plan: Ahead, we highlighted some of spring 2019’s biggest trends and broke each down according to what you should look for in products while shopping for your own. In case you’d prefer we do all the shopping for you (and we don’t blame you), we provided the best under-$150 pieces you can buy now within each of the nine trends called out. Between the actual runway looks, our foolproof tips on how to spot these trends, and the affordable product to accompany each, we’re pretty sure you’ll be a spring shopping professional by the time you’re done scrolling.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: netting, shells, crochet, fringe, charms on everything from overlay dresses to handbags to vacation-ready sandals
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: blazers and trousers that look like they belong inside a Crayola crayon box
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Bike shorts in unique colors, lengths, and textures. We particularly love these ribbed ones.
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: any kind of acid-treated denim that your mom is convinced she wore in the ’80s
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: tropical prints, flip-flops, bucket hats, and anything that reminds you of the beach bum–surfer aesthetic
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: big cargo pockets, boilersuits, and utility belts to match
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Feathers as trim, feathers as a bag, feathers on a shoe—you can’t go wrong with this one. 
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: nostalgic childhood swirls and colorful treatments to any silhouette of your liking
WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Basically, beige anything. Buy it. Wear it all at the same time. You’re good to go. 
Next up, shop more under-$100 spring purchases we know you’ll love. 

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