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I Always Get Compliments on My Hair—Here’s How I Do My Signature Waves

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4. When you create waves in your hair, you’re going to use two alternating motions. This is what gives the final result a more natural, tousled look. For both motions, you’ll take a 1-inch thick section of hair and place it between the hair straightener plates. The first motion goes in an M-shape: with the inch-thick section of hair between the plates, you’ll guide the hair straightener in toward your face, then out, then back in at the ends. The other motion is simply to twist the hair straightener (with hair between the plates) away from your face and hold it in that twisted position for about five seconds. Make sure to leave the ends out of the hair straightener so they stay flat. Also, be sure not to brush the wave out while it’s still hot, not even with your fingers, or you’ll lose the shape.

When I’m waving this bottom layer of hair below my ears, I’m not super perfectionistic about it, because no one will really to see it when the look is all done. For some strands (like the hard-to-reach ones in the back), all I do is curve the ends inward. This allows you not to heat sections of hair that don’t really need it. 

5. Once you’re finished with the bottom layer of hair, let down the top. Part it where you like. Then repeat step four, with more attention to detail this time, all around your head. For the two strands of hair directly on either side of my face, I choose to use the wave motion that goes away from my face, to create a flattering curtain effect.

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