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I Think This Is Hands Down the Best Zara Item of 2019

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Zara has a knack of creating pieces that sell out immediately. While that polka dot dress was clearly the winner when it comes to ubiquitousness, the green organza blouse became somewhat of a golden ticket situation—only the lucky few were able to get their hands on one. Praise be then to the Zara gods for they have heard our lamentations and decided that, for an early Christmas treat, they’d restock the blouse in the green, as well as white, purple and black. 

The easiest way to wear these trending blouses is with a pair of white or blue-wash jeans to keep the focus on the dramatic bow. However, we have also seen some more adventurous ways to style this blouse on Instagram, as Oslo-based blogger Nnenna Echem has worn the green version with a neon green checked skirt suit. Good news as well that the blouse comes in colours that are great for your spring/summer 2020 wardrobe update. However, this £30 blouse is an updated classic and an expensive-looking piece you can treasure for years. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—the latest Zara item that has been adopted by the fashion crowd.

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