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I’m a Beauty Editor—Here Are the Summer Skincare Swaps I’m Making Right Now

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I am, for lack of a better phrase, a total sun-worshipper. It’s not that I’m addicted to tanning or anything (trust me, sun-induced premature ageing means I am slathered in factor 50 all summer long)—it’s just that I really love the heat. As someone who lives in London where we spend the majority of the year wrapped up in waterproof jackets, fighting broken brollies and wearing down the soles of heavy-duty boots, the laid-back, carefree nature of summer gets me excited. 

And I think it might have finally arrived. With the mercury finally hitting 20+, I have flung open the windows, pulled out the fan, packed away my knits and pulled out my dresses and shorts. However, my wardrobe is not the only area where I have been making substitutes. As the heat from the sun gets more intense and the days become more humid, I’ve also had to make some changes to my skincare lineup.

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