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I’m Done With Overhyped Beauty Products and Can Personally Vouch For These 19

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As an editor, I feel very lucky that I have the chance to try out so many products on myself. I’ve always been a beauty enthusiast and would spend hours testing out all things skincare and makeup when I was growing up, so it’s no surprise that I landed at beauty magazine, Allure, earlier in my career. There, I was enamored by the beauty closet that stored buzzy new products and cult favourites for editors to experiment with firsthand. Now, at Who What Wear, I’ve continued to try out products across the beauty space.

After slathering on so many hyped-up products, I have to admit that I’m often underwhelmed with a lot of them. There are so many that don’t live up to their claims, so when I find ones that do, in fact, sculpt my cheekbones in a matter of minutes or make my lips look fuller, I get excited. Over the years, I’ve landed on some that I personally love and always recommend to my colleagues and friends. From the gentle at-home chemical peel I’ve been using since high school to the retinol I’m dedicated to for reducing fine lines to the hand soap with an intoxicating scent I’m addicted to, I’m highlighting the beauty products I can personally vouch for. Read on to see why they made the cut.

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