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Menswear Style x SuitSupply Custom Made Suits

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It was just 3 weeks ago when we visited SuitSupply on London’s Vigo Street to experience first-hand their Custom Made service. On arrival I was greeted by Alex again who was excited to tell me that I had made a good choice in fabric as it was now sold out, nut due to be restocked shortly. The 2nd fitting is where you get the chance to try on your finished suit to see if any final amendments are required. None were needed in my case and the suit looked amazing and felt light and effortless to wear. I couldn’t wait to show it off in a real event setting. It’s also worth noting that as a SuitSupply customer your fitting measurements are kept on file, so if you require the same suit again in the future or would like one made in other fabrics or colours, this can be done by a quick email or phone call.

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