Why Is Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson’s Alleged Breakup So Heartbreaking To Me?

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It seems like only yesterday that actors Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson were stepping cautiously yet confidently out on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, announcing their coupledom in peak celebrity form (second only to being caught by the paparazzi at a Lakers game).

Now, the couple has allegedly split after dating for less than a year, but what a whirlwind year it was. Bilson may or may not have met Hader family! (If she did, adorable. If she didn’t, well, they still went to Tulsa together, which means something.)

If we weren’t in the midst of a pandemic, the news that a wealthy and attractive celebrity couple had split likely wouldn’t wound me to my core: as it is, though, I’m near tears. (To be fair, though, I’m always near tears.) There was something about funnyman Hader and Bilson—who was objectively the funniest part of The O.C., no matter how hard the show tried to sell Seth Cohen as the comic relief—finding one another that made me genuinely happy.

The word is that Hader and Bilson have remained amicable, which is of some comfort, but the truth is that as the pandemic stretches on, the likelihood of finding another celebrity pairing this heartwarming seems unlikely. How are kooky comedians and teen-drama actresses supposed to meet one another now, other than exchanging tepid Raya messages (which doesn’t quite have the meet-cute power one might hope for)? Oh well, at least we still have Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger.

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