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Menswear Influencers Share their Most Prized Menswear Garments

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Everyone has that sacred menswear piece that they hold onto year after year, whilst many other threads end up sold on Depop or given to Charity to make way for new garments. Maybe it’s a vintage piece. Maybe it’s something that no longer fits you but you hold onto it because of the nostalgic memories. It could be a designer jacket that always brings you good luck or a scarf handed down from a great grandfather. For this feature we speak to online male influencers about their number one most prized men’s fashion garment they own. We have the winner of Vuelio’s best men’s fashion blog 2018 and a blogger who is soon to launch a new book titled ‘Fashion Wankers, It Takes One, To Know One’, among others. 

Luke Christian  

“I first clapped eyes on this jacket from Zara about 5 years ago and immediately knew I had to have it! I rarely feel this way about clothing so I knew that this was a must have. What I love about this jacket is firstly, the suede texture which feels divine and adds a luxury touch! Secondly, the fringe detailing on the arms, back and sleeves makes me feel strong and powerful whenever I wear it and it’s always a head turner.”

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