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The 16 Most Expensive-Smelling Fragrances, Broken Down by Cost Per Wear

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We’re firm believers that fragrance is just as important to personal style as clothing. Scent memory is intense; the one you choose will likely leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet. For this reason, we’re constantly keeping tabs on the most popular perfumes, the best new offerings and even the ones our editors are wearing on repeat to stay abreast of the very best aromas out there.

Right now, we’re interested in the rich, complex scents that smell downright expensive. You know, the ones that make you do a double-take. We’ve scoured the beauty halls for the most elegant elixirs and then took it a step further by calculating their price per wear. And honestly, these numbers make a serious case for shelling out the cash for these little bottles of heaven.

We put on our very fashionable mathematician hats and came up with a formula to determine this info. As a general rule of thumb, there are about 10 spritzes for every millilitre of perfume, and we estimate that women will use two spritzes at a time. This means that we get about five wears per millilitre, by volume.

Now that we’re done crunching the numbers, we invite you to shop our curated list of the chicest scents to round out your perfume wardrobe, all for a daily price less than that of an hour’s parking in London.

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